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Your Phase V Solution

(Part #: 00-10400-005)

Technology is changing -- so is the Georgia emissions testing program -- and Opus Inspection, Inc. has an exciting new offer to take your business into the future. Replace your aging analyzer with the new Gen3 and get more without paying more.

Your revenue is tied to the reliability of your analyzer. And Gen3 is the newest, most reliable analyzer on the market.

Rental: $401.50/month plus sales tax

For "1996 and Newer" vehicle test system. (Includes service agreement and consumables)

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When you rent Gen3 you get:

  • Everything you need for Phase V, and compliance with all requirements set forth by Georgia's Clean Air Force
  • The M2-FingerVeinTM Reader
  • Wireless OBD and barcode reader components
  • The most technologically advanced equipment available
  • Enhanced equipment reliability-which means less downtime
  • Parts and labor service agreement for analyzer and dynamometer
  • Free comsumables, including calibration gas, sample system filters and toner cartridge (Zero Air not included)
  • A no-commitment rental agreement, cancel at any time
  • Delivery and installation at no extra charge

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