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(Part #: 00-10400-008)

Most TX analyzers are now over 15 years old and well past intended life cycle. The original technology and operating systems are obsolete, therefore it's the right time to upgrade to the all-new analyzer offer from Opus Inspection. Get ready to enjoy faster testing and improved reliability with the new System1® (Part #: 00-10400-008). This unit is for testing 1996 and newer vehicles.


Your revenue is tied to the reliability of your analyzer. And System1® is the newest, most reliable analyzer on the market.

Purchase price - $8195.00 + Tax

Rental Price $219.90 + Tax per month


For "1996 and Newer" vehicle test system. (Includes service agreement and consumables)

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Rent a System1® to get:

  • The newest, most reliable OBD System on the market and meets TCEQ requirements for certification
  • High-Speed Internet-Based Data Transmission
  • Wireless OBD and barcode reader components
  • The most technologically advanced equipment available
  • Enhanced equipment reliability-which means less downtime
  • Complete warranty for life of contract with full parts and labor coverage
  • Free toner cartridge
  • A no-commitment rental agreement, cancel at any time
  • Free delivery and On-site installation by a highly-trained technician
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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