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The exact System1® you need.

(Part #: 00-10400-011)

Technology is changing -- so is the North Carolina emissions testing program -- and Opus Inspection, Inc. has an exciting new offer to take your business into the future. Replace your aging analyzer with the new System1® and get more without paying more.

Your revenue is tied to the reliability of your analyzer. And System1® is the newest, most reliable analyzer on the market.

Rental: $160.00/month plus sales tax

For "1996 and Newer" vehicle test system. (Includes service agreement and consumables)

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Rent a System1® to get:

  • The newest, most reliable OBD System on the market and meets NC DMV requirements for certification (Pending NC DMV Certification)
  • Wireless OBD and barcode reader components
  • The most technologically advanced equipment available
  • Enhanced equipment reliability-which means less downtime
  • Complete warranty for life of contract with full parts and labor coverage
  • Free toner cartridge
  • A no-commitment rental agreement, cancel at any time
  • Free delivery and On-site installation by a highly-trained technician
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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