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We are proud to have developed the most comprehensive spectrum of I/M services available. ESP has a history of performance and a tradition of innovation. With 100 patents for emissions testing and related products, our equipment is recognized as the most technologically advanced, operationally efficient and functionally reliable on the market today.

Simply put, working with ESP means having the greatest flexibility in designing the best testing programs available.

ESP's System1® Analyzer

Equipped with the latest in innovative technology, the new System1 Analyzer measures up to the demands of many state programs.  Give your business a boost by adopting these technological advances and making them the standard in your shop.

System1 offers the technology designed to save time for station owners.  The machine handles increased throughput, allowing for more tests over the long term.  Providing the highest level of emissions testing technology, the new design doesn't compromise the rugged construction.  It's still made with the same industrial-strength steel that we've always used.  More reliable than existing machines, System1 is the mark of a profitable shop.

ESP's Low-Pressure Fuel Evaporative System Testing

ESP's EVAP unit sets the industry standard for low-pressure fuel evaporative system testing (LPFET) -- accurate, automated, all-in-one.

EVAP is fully integrated and automatic.  The operator interface quickly guides the technician through the test.  A rugged, self-contained design ensures maneuverability and conveniently stores all components and accessories needed for testing.  Fast-pass and fast-fail algorithms expedite test times, and EVAP comes equipped with a manual mode that uses audio signaling to assist technicians in finding leaks.  EVAP also offers a Smoke Machine diagnostic option.

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