Refurbished System1® ASM

(Part #: ESP10400-32)

System1 offers technology designed to increase productivity for smog station owners. The machine is engineered for high volume applications resulting in increased revenue and less down-time. SystemOne provides the highest level of emissions testing technology and reliability. System1 is the mark of a profitable shop.

Refurbished Product Information

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Refurbished ASM

Standard Features

  • Non-contact RPM probe (patented)
  • Clip-on style contact RPM probe
  • CAN RPM connection
  • Integrated automatic gas cap pressure tester
  • Complete set of gas cap adapters
  • High speed industrial grade PC
  • Certified five-gas sample system designed to the latest BAR specifications
  • Integrated computer controlled sample system back purge pump
  • Certified test and VID communication software
  • Bar code scanner (wireless optional)
  • Infrared remote control
  • OBD II module testing
  • OBD II/CAN diagnostic page
  • High throughput laser printer
  • 17-inch LCD flat screen display
  • One year parts and labor warranty


  • ASM certified dynamometer

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